Create, Organize and develop your international activity

International departments management solutions :

Health Care Providers :

With the development of the international healthcare market, many health care providers ask to launch their own International Patients Department, but unfortunately most of them experience difficultly to integrate the International Patient path in their classical internal processes. Such problems do not allow hospitals to practice with full performance towards International Patients, and prevent them from becoming competitive and well positioned on the International Healthcare market.

We work side by side with hospitals, clinics and healthcare businesses to create, organize and develop their processes for international patients. With a dedicated team we help them manage all the cycle of organization of the journey of an international patient inside their structure starting from initial contact to completion of medical treatment and safe return home.


Our services include :

  • Initial contact
  • Coordination with medical staff
  • Organization of International Medical Transport
  • Support services to patients and their families
  • Logistic services (translation, accommodation, transportation etc…)
  • Billing and recovery services
  • Development of your international activity